The Natural Remedies for Looking Younger

    Natural Remedies for Looking Younger

    The Natural Remedies for Looking Younger

    Natural Remedies for Looking Younger: Aging is a common problem for every male and female. Aging is categorized into two types, one is intrinsic to another is extrinsic. Intrinsic is due to growing age, whereas extrinsic is caused by environmental impact. Aging will directly slow down the formation of essential protein like collagen and elasticity of the skin. By lacking these proteins it shows the many different signs of aging. Extrinsic aging has a huge impact on the skin; this appears the skin much older. Now a day’s aging is not a big issue because of the availability of many natural and medicinal remedies in the market. Some natural remedies are very useful to recover your skin from an aging problem. Here are some natural remedies:

    Milk, carrot, and turmeric collagen:-

    These are having properties like anti-oxidant and carries C20H30O (vitamin A). These properties and vitamin are very useful to slow down the aging process and to remove redness of the skin. Warm the milk and disperse the carrot into it, leave it to until soften. Then add a teaspoon of turmeric powder on it, mix it properly and apply the mixture on your skin.

    Honey and lemon juice mixture:-

    Honey and lemon juice mixture: One to two spoon of honey and add some lemon juice on it, mix it properly. Use the mixture as a face pack and leave it to until your skin soaks it properly.

    Raw Milk & Salt mixture for cleansing:-

    Raw milk composed of carbohydrate (lactose) 4.9%, minerals (0.7%), water is (87.7%), and protein (3.3%). Raw milk helps to hydration. Salt is composed with potassium chloride, calcium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, magnesium chloride, and sodium chloride. These ingredients help to control oil production and cleanse pores deeply into the skin.

    Papaya Mask & honey:-

    Papaya is a good source of vitamin and antioxidants. These components fight with the signs of aging. Honey is used as an antibacterial, for antibacterial property useful to prevent the acne. For antioxidants property helpful to slow down the process of aging. Take one teaspoon of honey in a bowl and add papaya pulp mix it properly. Use the mixture in your face.

    Egg white & orange:-

    The styptic property of egg white helps disappear pores by tapering the skin. Take one squeeze of lemon juice mix with one teaspoon of egg white. Apply the mixture onto your face or affected areas.

    Glycerin & Rosewater:-

    Glycerin is a non-toxic chemical; it attracts moisture onto the oily skin. Glycerin helps to smooth and flexible the skin. Most importantly rose water is used to balance the pH of the skin. Rose water also used to reduce inflammation onto the skin by reducing inflammation its controls the redness of the skin. Take one teaspoon of each and mix it properly, apply the mixture onto your skin.

    Natural Remedies for Looking Younger

    For, best consequences continue these natural remedies regularly.


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